Posted by: mgalewine | April 25, 2010

Reading in many formats

I recently went to the ophthalmologist for my annual eye exam. Knowing that I would have to wait during this visit, I took my newest book purchase (The Help) with me. My husband had an appointment at the same time and he, too, had a book to read.

Sitting in the waiting room enjoying my book and sharing bits of it with my husband, I became aware of surreptitious glances from others waiting for their appointment with the doctor. We were all waiting and reading – some with paperback books, some with hardback books, and some with magazines. The difference was that I had an e-reader (my Nook) and not a traditional book. How ironic, I thought, that the librarian in the room had an e-reader and not a traditional book.

My Nook generated a lot of attention but no one said, “Wow, I’d like to have one of those!” I do have to admit that when my daughter purchased her Kindle I wasn’t all that interested; however, the idea of having many books on one device was really enticing. So enticing that I asked for a Nook for Christmas. Being able to take my books with me in my briefcase or purse is very convenient. However, I still prefer my professional books as hardbacks but my Nook is  great for my recreational reading.

I just purchased and downloaded the latest Mary Higgins Clark book which I’m enjoying immensely. But I’m also reading, in print format, a book I bought at the South Carolina Association of School Librarians (SCASL) conference, No School Library Left Behind: Leadership, School Improvement, and the Media Specialist.

Guess I’m enjoying the best of both worlds. My question and concern is how both worlds fit within today’s libraries, in particular school libraries.



  1. Martha, like you, I have not had a burning desire to own an e-reader – until I read a tweet earlier this evening. I love marking up the text in my professional books, but having just learned that with a Kindle I can upload my notes to my Amazon account and then share them in Evernote makes me want one right now. I wonder if the other e-readers have the same option. Mother’s Day is very soon…

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